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** Play along tracks **
Anyone Can Improvise – Free mp3 Download Page
Iedereen kan improviseren – gratis mp3 download pagina

->Open a playalong track, select the correct scale on your magic flute, and play along.
->Open een van de meespeel tracks, selecteer de juiste toonladder en speel mee.

Scale 2 C Major:
Dm7-G7  Jazz – Ray Nicovs
Herfst / Autumn  Crossover prog – Paul Oomen

Scale 4 & 5 – Blues 1 & 2:
Blues in Am  Blues – Ruud van der Wel
Roys Blues – playalong  Blues – Roy B & Friends
Floatin  Jazz – Ruud van der Wel

Scale 8 Pentatonic:
The Loss  Crossover prog – Paul Oomen

Scale 15 Tenor sax + Scale 17 Soprano Sax:
My Breath  Slow Jazz – Ray Nicovs  chord structure My breath (PDF)
Cm7-F7  Jazz – Ray Nicovs


Ambient playalong music by Gregor Theelen

Kyoto issues                   Scale 2 Cmaj
Nature                             Scale 2 Cmaj
Iron lake                          Scale 3 Dminor
Hot Summer                    Scale 4 & 5 Blues 1 & 2
Nature calling – piano     Scale 7 Gmaj
Marimbue                        Scale 8 Pentatonic
Runners                           Scale 2 Cmaj*
Wurly wonderharp           Scale 2 Cmaj*

*For the last two tracks you will need a switch. First select Scale 2. You can plug in any external switch with a 1/8  mini jack. For every scale you can set the switch behaviour. Select: Sharps / Flats.  Now don’t play the note “E” but use the switch to play D#

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