Concert Keyboardist

What is Concert Keyboardist?

Concert Keyboardist is music software developed by Chris Graham. Concert Keyboardist is like a musical instrument that never lets you play a wrong note. Load a midi file and Concert Keyboardist becomes an instrument to perform that music expressively, not just to listen to passively. You control when and how notes are played in real time. Play like a “Concert Keyboardist” with just your computer keyboard or use a midi keyboard for even more control. Concert Keyboardist is a very accessible  for people with disabilities although the program is not specifically written for people with disabilities.
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MIDI files

These days, you can find thousands of free MIDI files on the web. Some are very good, some are not so good. For a start you can download these 8 free  PIANO MIDI files.

How to get the most out of  Concert Keyboardist

Although Concert Keyboardist can work standalone we strongly recommend using an external sound application. We will explain step by step what is needed for this in in a microsoft windows environment. (see Video below)

First install these 3 programs:

– LoopBe1 is an internal MIDI “cable” for transferring MIDI data between 2 computer programs.

– For a great Piano sound we highly recommend the program Addictive keys. They have a demo version of the acclaimed Studio Grand ” You can find it here

– For better sound we suggest to install an ASIO driver. Audio Stream Input/Output (ASIO) is a computer sound card driver protocol for digital audio specified by Steinberg, providing a low-latency and high fidelity interface between a software application and a computer’s sound card.

In the future Concert Keyboardist will also support VST instruments.

Concert Keyboardist switch accesible

In collaboration with My Breath My Music Foundation Chris made the latest version of Concert Keyboardist extra accessible for people with severe disabilities. You can now connect external switches* very easily.

For switch input we recommend the Atec Switch interface ($ 69,95 at and some switches. So for less then $ 100 you can have your own highly accessible musical instrument.

*Switch input is a method that can be used for people with a severe disability who don’t have access to  a computer using an ordinary computer keyboard. There are various types of switches. These switches ensure that people with severely reduced mobility can operate their computer, electrical wheel-chair and/or other devices. You can use these same switches to play music with Computer Keyboardist. Making music with switches is easily accessible. No matter how severe the disability, there’s always a switch just right for just that one participant.

Using Atec Switch interface

  1. Connect the Atec Switch interface.
  2. Select the “blue” mode of the Atec Switch interface.
  3. Connect a single switch to input 3

You can connect up to 5 switches

– Switch 1: start/stop playing
– Switch 2: rewind
– Switch 3: play notes
– Switch 4: play notes
– Switch 5: step back through the music










Using xkeys xk-8 usb

There are also some  alternative options  for people with disabilities. A very nice one is to use the xkeys xk-8 usb stick. This custom controller has  just the right layout. You can position the keys exactly where you want them. Perfect for giving your end user a limited set of clearly labeled controls. And you can easily place the xkeys xk-8 on a wheelchair table.

In the future we do intend to develop a custom touch based controller for Concert keyboardist

Thank you Chris! You are wonderful.

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