Concert Keyboardist Adaptive

by Chris Graham in collaboration with My Breath My Music Foundation.

The latest version of Concert Keyboardist is made accessible to people with severe disabilities. You now can play music with just one single switch. Or maybe you can do it with 2 switches!
Switch access is a special new feature of this great music software! Thank you Chris! You are wonderful.
You only need Atec Switch interface ($ 69,95 at and some switches. So for less then $ 100 you can have your own highly accessible musical instrument.

Download the free software ConcertKeyboardis DOWNLOAD


What is Concert Keyboardist?

Concert Keyboardist is like a musical instrument that never lets you play a wrong note. Load a midi file and Concert Keyboardist becomes an instrument to perform that music expressively, not just to listen to passively. You control when and how notes are played in real time. Play like a „Concert Keyboardist“ with just your computer keyboard or use a midi keyboard for even more control.

How to make Concert Keyboardist Adaptive

  1. Connect the Atec Switch interface.
  2. Select the „blue“ mode of the Atec Switch interface.
  3. Connect a single switch to input 3

You can connect up to 5 switches

– Switch 1: start/stop playing
– Switch 2: rewind
– Switch 3: play notes
– Switch 4: play notes
– Switch 5: step back through the music









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