EyePlayChords ist kostenlose Musiksoftware für Windows-PC.

Purpose: This program allows any child in the class to participate in music lessons.
EyePlayChords is a musical instrument for people with severe disabilities who can control their computer screen with Eye-gaze, Head-gaze or Mouse. It is a tool for playing chords and creating chords. A chord, simply, is any combination of three or more notes.

Setting up EyePlayChords is very simple:

Step 1 – Download and install our free software SetupEyePlayChords

Step 2 – Open “C Chords.midikeys.xml” from the FILE drop down menu

Step 3 – Start experimenting with your mouse cursor

The whole class plays together.

Our software aims to ensure that everyone can actively participate during the music lesson. We would like to introduce you to a teaching method that can help you to reach this goal: Figurenotes. Start a whole classroom using Figurenotes and let them progress through their reading at their own pace, while letting the whole class play together. https://figurenotes.org/chords/

Main screen EyePlayChords

Chordpad only view

Endless possibilities

There are tree ways to play the chords.

  • with a Mouse
  • with an Eye Tracker (Tobii etc)
  • with a Head Tracker (Headmouse etc)

You trigger the notes in different ways.

  • hover the mouse pointer over the chord pads
  • click on the chord pads
  • use a breath controller to trigger the chord pads

There is a wide range of instrument sounds that are available to use.

  • you can use the internal Microsoft wavetable synth that comes with windows
  • with a virtual MIDI cable you can connect EyePlayChords to any music software that uses MIDI protocol (Reason, Kontakt, Ableton live, Respiro, Camelot)
  • with a USB MIDI interface you can trigger external music devices such as synthesizers, sound modules, samplers and keyboards

You can select* different MODES

  • Mouse over trigger
  • Sustain
  • Endless duration*If you don’t select anything, the Chord pad will be triggered with a left mouse click.
    The duration setting influence the length of a note.

[embedyt] https://youtu.be/xU3UKOGqMaQ[/embedyt]
Tobias Kozlowski demos his software.

You can also change some setting for the on screen keyboard.
Select Extra from the menu bar to change key sizes


The Chord pads have different velocity values. The notes are loud at the top and progressively softer towards the bottom of the Chord pad. But also you can trigger the pads using a Breath Controller. EyePlay Chords listens to breath control!
Important: turn off the fix velocity

Options (icon left corner)

  • use the piano setting to change note duration of the Piano keys
  • change the velocity curve

By default your chords will be stored in a documents folder.
This program has some other features, you will have to explore yourself.

Note: We are aware that the editing and selecting in this program is to difficult for some of the users, so they need an extra hand to set up for a performance. In the future we want to add extra accessibility for disabled players so they can control the whole program them self.

This software is conceived and developed by for My Breath My Music by Tobias Kozlowski.

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