Adaptive Travel Sax


A super accessible musical instrument!

The Adaptive Travel Sax is an electronic instrument and has 3 pre-programmed fingerings: a regular saxophone fingering, a flute fingering, and a one-handed left or right fingering. The Adaptive Travel Sax is available for purchase at

The Adaptive Travel Sax has been designed by Odisei Music in a collaboration with My Breath My Music Foundation. Our experience and knowledge of adaptive music instruments has enabled us to develop this revolutionary concept. The weight of the Sax is only 300 grams (0.66 lbs). The instrument sound comes out of a mobile phone or tablet via a free App. This instrument is highly customisable for any kind of disability or physical limitation. There is also a special version for people with extremely low muscle power, which has extra light buttons. Using an external (foot)switch, it is also possible to play the full note range of the Sax one-handed, by ‘re-mapping’ its keys, to provide customisable finger placements for one-handed players, both left- and right-handed. In the App, there are many more settings you can change, such as breath sensitivity so people with limited breath strength can still play the Sax. The Sax can be mounted on a tripod so it’s not necessary to be able to hold it.

Tatum plays the right-handed Sax. With a footswitch she can swap between two notes for each key, i.e. the keys have a double function (G/D, A/E, B/F#, C/G).

The Sax can be purchased from Odisei Music. (A part of the cost will be donated to our foundation)

Two free teaching methods

To make learning a song or piece of music as easy as possible, a simple method has been developed using numbers.

Here you will find songs for two-handed use.
Here are some appropriate songs for one-handed players.

In addition, you can also use a method that uses the flute musical notation Oost west fluit best (Jac Wiermans and Marloes Berden).

Odette Kolen-van de Korput has made a lesson book for one-handed players! You can download it here for free. Lesson book for one-handed playing of the Adaptive Travel Sax.

Extra informatie

This “Get started” video shows, among other things, how to carefully remove the Travel Sax from the box. The Adaptive Travel Sax is a beautiful but fragile instrument.

Examples of fingering charts

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