Magic Xylophone

The Magic Xylophone is controlled by electronic mallets. The tone bars are played with the help of our Thanks to this instrument, people with very severe disabilities can experience playing a real instrument for the first time.
The Magic Xylophone is available for purchase at

Karin plays the Magic Xylophone with a switch

EyePlayChords music software has been developed for people with severe disabilities. Making music with eye gaze, head trackers, computer keys, switches or a mouse, it’s all possible! You can go in many directions with the software. Play a well-known song, improvise music, the possibilities are endless.

Pauline plays the Magic Xylophone using eye gaze (Tobii)

In Nederland kunnen mensen met een ernstige beperking de Magic Xylofoon lenen bij onze stichting My Breath My Music.

Dit instrument is te koop bij Roberts Engineering.

We have created some EyePlayChords songs and scales. Download the file and place the songs in the EyePlayChords folder in the Documents folder. Then they can be opened in EyePlayChord (FILE – OPEN)


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