Adapted acoustic guitar

DIY (Do it  yourself)  project!

The Adaptive Guitar is our only acoustic instrument and is tuned to a single chord. With a lever, you can create 2 additional chords. On our website, in addition to an online teaching method, you can also find instructions on how to build this instrument yourself

This project allows children who have reduced hand function to play chords on an acoustic guitar.
This project was designed by Lei Crombach from Eijsden, Zuid Limburg, and improved upon by Ton Verduin

Download the blueprint guitar adapter 3-04-2020

The guitar is tuned to an open D chord (D A D A D F#) and the adaptor is placed on the fretboard. By moving the handle you can play the G (5th fret) and a A (7th fret) chords.
With just these 3 chords you can play a lot of songs! SONGS in D adapted guitar.

In the video clip below, the guitar is tuned in an open C major chord (C G C G C E) You can then play three chords C, F and G.
In the final version we used the handle from a household hammer! Hammer handles have a good grip and leverage.












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