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How to make music at home with a severe disability.

Borrow a musical instrument

We manage various musical instruments that can be played by people with (very) limited capabilities. Which instrument is right for you? We provide free advice via video calling (only Netherlands). For borrowing an instrument (only Netherlands) , we ask a minimum contribution of € 75 per year (up to 26 years) and € 125 for adults.

Online music lessons

You can now take music lessons online from an experienced teacher. The music teacher will visit you with video calling. Lessons offer: Magic Flute, electronic sax (Yamaha wx5), soundbeam, making music with switches, music with eye control, adapted guitar playing, playing the flute with one hand.

Making music online realtime

We did it! The virtual practice / class room is a fact. Playing simultaneously, everyone said it wouldn’t be feasible. But we had no other choice. Our house band de Bridge is now practicing every week. Even with video. We have prepared a manual for you:

Online workshops

To support both musicians and accompanists, you will find free workshops with accompaniment tracks on our website! Learn to improvise? or learn to play songs? Includes sheet music for the Magic Flute and custom score for the Yamaha WX5.

Exercise with the Inspiron

Many of our musicians have a greatly reduced lung capacity. Right now you have to stay in shape. We have put together a very nice training program on our website. Take part, you don’t have to leave it for the costs.


Martijn has Duchenne. He is taught online by Wendy Bellens. He borrowed his Magic Flute from our foundation.


Especially now there is a need for our musical instrument lending program. We need your support in this.

Unlimited music

The United Nations (UN) treaty on people with disabilities states: everyone is equal. Everyone must be able to participate in society. Also people with disabilities. In the treaty, the UN has written down the rights of people with disabilities. Nearly 300 countries have said YES to the treaty. Also the Netherlands.

The government’s program for the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities is called “unlimited participation”. The My Breath My Music Foundation underlines this statement. We have been supporting people with severe disabilities to actively participate in music activities since 2008. My Breath My Music developed numerous new musical instruments for the target group: The Magic Flute, the Magic Switch, MySwitchMusic, EyePlayMusic, the custom guitar, the Magic Metallophone and the GroovTube. Children and adults can borrow these instruments for a very modest contribution (from € 50 per year). The music software developed by us can be downloaded from the website free. We develop teaching methods, provide courses, workshops and lectures. We also regularly do the latter abroad (USA, Ireland, Norway, Serbia, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Russia)

Key focuses

For us, unlimited music also means: Getting music lessons in ones neighborhood or at home. Being able to make music themselves by people with severe multiple disabilities (SMD). Receive advice on which instrument is right for you. Using our innovations in people with TBI (non-congenital brain damage) and dementia. Spreading our ideas among music therapists, music teachers, activity supervisors. The visibility of musicians with a disability (exemplary function). These will be the key focuses of our policy for the coming five years.