About us

Name: Stichting My Breath My Music
Adres: Ringdijk 84
Place: 3054KV Rotterdam
Chamber-of-commerce-number: 24447671
Type of registration: Legal person
ANBI regulation: yes
RSIN/fiscal number ANBI: 820148313
email: info@mybreathmymusic.com
Phone: +31650574970

Our aim:

My breath My Music aims to give people with severe physical disabilities the opportunity to play music, using either self-adapted electronic instruments or electronic instruments the organisation have developed themselves.


The board of the foundation consists of a number of very enthusiastic people.

• Mr. A.E.M. van den Boom
Manager at Rijndam Rehabilitation Institute, chairman of the foundation.

• Mr. drs. E.W. de Graaf
Controller, treasurer of the foundation.

• Miss Karin van Dijk
Student and experience expert.

• Mrs L. Hageman
Manager at Rijndam Rehabilitation Institute, secretary of the foundation.

• Mrs A. L. van Trium
Speech therapist at Rijndam Rehabilitation Institute, PR and communication.

• Mr. J. Bos
Former deputy director of Special school De Brug.

Extensive information about the remuneration policy, the objective etc. can be found in our business plan. Please refer to the annual report for a reduction in activities and financial reporting. You can download both documents below as a PDF file. (dutch only)

Ons ondernemingsplan (pdf-file, 3,7Mb)
Jaarverslag en jaarrekening 2012 (pdf-file, 250kb)
Jaarverslag en jaarrekening 2013 (pdf-file, 213kb)
Jaarverslag en jaarrekening 2014 (pdf-file, 423kb)
Jaarverslag en jaarrekening 2015 (pdf-file, 200kb)
Jaarverslag en jaarrekening 2016 (pdf-file, 4,91 Mb)
Jaarverslag MBMM 2017 (pdf-file)
Jaarverslag en jaarrekening 2018 (pdf-file)
Jaarverslag en jaarrekening 2019 (pdf-file)

Technical Team

Our innovations:
Magic Flute, Magic Switch, MySwitchMusic, EyePlayMusic, Magic Metallophone, Breath strummer, GroovTube, Featherlight (dual) touchswitch, Mypufswitch, Ultra light joystick.

• Mr. R. van der Wel (Netherlands) Founder of My Breath My Music
• Mr. P. Feenstra (Netherlands)
• Mr. T. Kozlowski (Germany)
• Mr. B. Dillon (Ireland)
• Mr. D.H.P. Muskens (Netherlands)



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