What we do


Support children

Children from our target group can get an electronic instrument on loan. Our policy is to leave no one behind, they only have to pay a small deposit. At present we can only focus on the Netherlands. We have a small amount of instruments in stock. At this moment we have a waiting list. In the near future, as our Foundation grows, we aim to help children all over the world.

Develop instruments

We develop and customize electronic musical instruments. We’ve invented many solutions, and adapted electronic musical instruments so that they can be played by our target group. With the help of our worldwide network, we create new instruments if necessary, such as the Magic Flute. We also develop teaching methods specifically aimed at the target group. We’ve developed easy to read sheet music, this sheet music is also playable for children with a low cognition. We write the (sheet) music playable for our target group. For very young children and those with low cognition, we develop a method of improvisation.


People with disabilities can receive advice on which electronic instrument they could play. Our knowledge and our network can point people in the right direction. People can get this advice from our website by emailing us, and, in some cases, by visiting us.


People with disabilities anywhere in the world can participate locally. This is done via our Internet site www.mybreathmymusic.com. This site is intended primarily as a free online web directory. It shows what you need to get started. There are many tips and user experiences. There is also a large collection of sheet music and play-along music available. In support there are also instructional videos. To show who we are, we give workshops and demonstrations. This has inspired many to join us. Our students are given the musical skills that they can then show to a broad audience. Moreover, they become an example to society. Music and the ability to actually play it is within us all, our participants let you hear and see that!



We are a non-profit charitable foundation

Our Foundation aims to give people with severe physical disabilities the opportunity to play music, using either self-adapted electronic instruments or by playing our latest invention: the amazing Magic Flute. The Magic Flute can simulate any instrument in the orchestra.

Music is important to many people. Playing a musical instrument is a lot of fun and playing together with others opens doors. But what if you, because of a disability, can’t play an instrument? Are you condemned to only listen to someone else playing an instrument? No.

Fortunately, there is our non profit organisation “My Breath My Music”. The Foundation has committed itself to make playing a musical instrument possible for people with severe physical disabilities. Besides the joy of playing an instrument, it can also be an excellent way to do breathing exercises. It is a very good way to do respiratory therapy, especially for people with muscular dystrophy.

Most of our participants in Holland have muscular dystrophy. It is a very debilitating disease, affecting not just the muscles, but the lungs too. This requires regular therapy in the form of breathing exercises. Ordinarily, these exercises can be very tedious and boring. However, by using the Magic Flute, for instance, the children forget they are doing exercises because they are having so much fun playing music. We are also helping spinal injury patients who have similar muscle and lung issues. The Magic Flute really is a wonderful medical tool as well as a fabulous musical instrument!

Support us through sponsorship

By being a Supporter of My Breath My Music, you are enabling us to help more children than we otherwise would be able to. Please be a sponsor so we can cut that waiting list down.

Kind regards,
Ruud van der Wel
Founder of My Breath My Music

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