Working with the iPad in combination with the Magic Flute

by Chantal Moorthamer – intern mbmm 2012/2013


Everybody knows the Ipad nowadays. It’s the handy tablet-pc from Apple. But did you also know that the Ipad can easily be used in combination with the Magic Flute? By using the application Garageband anybody will be able to use the Ipad as an accompanying instrument for the Magic Flute.

You can find the application Garageband in the App Store. By using this application you can use your fingers to play all sorts of touch-instruments like piano, guitar and drums. They sound exactly like real instruments. The handy part is that the key can be easily changed by going to the menu ‘settings’, clicking on ‘key’ and choosing the right key.


I’ve been guiding clients for a long period of time by using Garageband. The clients use the Magic Flute independently and make their own music by doing this, while I accompany them on the virtual guitar or piano. The only thing you need to do, is adjusting the key from Garageband to the key from the Magic Flute, so that they are in sync. When you would for example use the key Blues 1 from the Magic Flute, you can change the key from Garageband to either C major or A minor.


These keys use the same notes and so they will always sound right when used simultaneously. Even if you have never played an instrument before in your life, you will be able to assist clients by using Garageband. All you have to do is start the accompaniment, press any chord en automatically music will start to play. Now and then you can press a different chord to make the accompaniment more diverse. This way you produce a pleasant sounding melody, while the client can fully focus on playing the Magic Flute.

Workshop Magic Flute

1. Improvisation on the Magic Flute
2. Choice of notes and note usage
3. Playing songs for beginners
4. The power of the pentatonic scale
5. Turn your computer into a Magic Flute sound module
6. “Jazz up your switch”
7. Working with the iPad in combination with the Magic Flute

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