The eyewi – electronic wind instrument for people who use eye tracking or head tracking (prototype)

The only condition is that the user needs to be able to blow into a mouthpiece.

Although this setup is ment as prototype you already can start building your own system.
What do you need to build your own system:

  • Windows computer with eye tracker or head tracker
  • EyePlayMidi software
  • Respiro Wind-Synth
  • Mrtaudio Midi Breath Controller
  • Virtual Midi cable LoopBe1
  • Soundcard with Midi input

Eye Play MIDI windows software, triggers the notes – (Tobias Kozlowski/Ruud van der Wel)
Free download SetupEyePlayMIDI 1104

You need a virtual connection cable and a sound source.
We use LoopBe1 Basically LoopBe1 is an „invisible cable“ to connect a Midi outport of an application to any other application´s Midi inport.

As sound source we use the soft synt Respiro, this beautiful standalone software is special made for electronic wind instruments (Rudy Verpaele) https://www.imoxplus.com
We are also huge fans of the VST instruments of https://audiomodeling.com and https://www.samplemodeling.com
You need a host for VST instruments. (reason/camelot/cubase)

We use the Prototype USB breath controller – Photon (Chris Graham) (not available yet)
or the Mrtaudio Midi Breath Controller http://www.mrtaudio.com/

What does it cost?

  • EyePlayMidi software – Free
  • Respiro Wind-Synth – € 200
  • Mrtaudio Midi Breath Controller – € 223
  • Virtual Midi cable LoopBe1 – Free
  • Soundcard with Midi input – Steinberg UR22mkII audio interface € 160
  • Powered Desktop Studio Speakers € 100

Eyewi Concept/idea Ruud van der Wel

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